Welcome to the Mamry Holiday Village

Masuria is located in north-eastern Poland. Due to its huge lake district, dreamlike, original landscape and ancient alleys, it is a paradise for storks, beavers, elks and, finally, nature and water sports lovers.

In the middle of nature, directly on Mamry Lake, you will find the Mamry holiday village located on the picturesque peninsula. Colourful wooden houses in the Scandinavian style are tastefully and comfortably furnished and harmoniously blend in with the picturesque landscape.

In the vast summer village, located on a plot of land near the lake with an area of ​​almost 20 ha, there is a former 100-year-old farm, where a restaurant (Góra Wiatrów), reception and tavern are located nowadays.
The resort also has a marina (Port Trygort), two beaches, a beach volleyball court, a football field and two playgrounds for children.

In this Masurian oasis of peace, both hosts, Michael Böhmer and Fabian Früh, personally care about your well-being.

Pure idyll and comfortable living

In our holiday village, you have a total of 16 holiday houses (8 semi-detached houses) and three apartments. There are two types of vacancy houses, type A and type B. Of type A we offer 15 houses and of type B only one. Type B is slightly different from other holiday houses in terms of room layout. More information can be found on the following pages.

All holiday houses are for 4 to 6 people and have a living space of approximately 72 m² on two floors.

The former farm has two apartments for 2 person and one apartment for 4 person.

All houses and apartments are equipped with Wi-Fi.

Active vacation in the nature

Intact nature and clear water allow you to organize a variety of trips and relaxation right outside your door.

Nature lovers can explore the Masurian landscape and species diversity on foot or by bike, bike rentals are available. We will be happy to give advice and tips where to search for elk or bison.

Water sports enthusiasts can also count on benefits. In the local rental, we can find sailing boats, motorboats and rowing boats, you can also rent kayaks and SUBs. You can go surfing, water-skiing and wakeboarding. Experienced sailors can travel up to 100 km from Mamry Lake (Mauersee) to Nidzkie Lake (Niedersee). For beginners, we offer our own courses dedicated for children and adults. We are also happy to organize canoeing on picturesque Masuria rivers and canals, e.g. Sapina, Węgorappa or Krutynia.

Our region also offers various excursion options for guests interested in history. There is much to discover: knight’s castles and picturesque towns from the Middle Ages, castles and manor houses of Prussian nobility, as well as citadels and bunkers from modern times. In our extensive library, you will find a lot of interesting literature on this subject.

In our Mamry summer resort, you can rent the following sports equipment at a low fee:

– Bicycle rental for adults and children in different versions (bicycle helmets for children)

– Sailboats for children

– Sailboats for teens and adults for one to four people

– Kayaks with paddles for two people

– Rowing boats for up to four people for fishing or romantic trips on Mamry Lake (can also be rented with a small engine)

– Motor boats for up to four people with 9.9 HP or 15 HP for smaller trips around the area

– Surfboards and SUPs

– Balls to play football and volleyball

Our little guests are also always well looked after thanks to the varied, supervised program for children. Our youth program also offers young people an attractive way of spending time.

Our popular barbecue evenings are legendary and often end with a romantic bonfire.

A – Holiday houses (Typ A Nr. 1 – Nr. 15, Typ B Nr. 16)
B – Restaurant Góra Wiatrów
C – Tavern and sanitary facilities
D – Reception
E – Marina Port Trygort
F – Soccer field
G – Beach-Volleyball-Court
H – Sauna
I – two beaches

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