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We offer recreational cottages and summer stay lodgings in particularly interesting places: in Masuria, in Berlin, and on the Usedom island. Our facilities are situated directly by the water, they are designed in a very stylish and diverse manner. Our guests highly value in particular personal individual care at site.


Mazury: In the north-eastern part of Poland, you will find the Land of Thousand Lakes. Natural paradise, Mazury, with its fantastic, unspoiled landscape and enormous lake district is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Poland.
Usedom: Usedom, a small natural paradise with over two thousand sunshine hours per year, will enchant you with its endless beaches, fabulous forests, idyllic towns and harbours, and will be an extraordinary experience at any time of the year.
Berlin: Berlin is not only one of the most exciting and vibrant European metropolises. Berlin is also a city surrounded by a fabulous landscape of forest and water, which is not easy to find in other German cities. Numerous lakes and rivers, such as Spree, Müggelspree and Dahme are inseparably associated with the name Berlin. One of the biggest and best-known lakes is Müggelsee.

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